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About Us

We have a passion for flowers and a love for weddings.  Our combined experience and attention to every detail drive us to bring your wedding day vision to life. 

Nice to meet you

Our Creative Director, Kady Johnsen has always loved celebrations and parties. Her career at Walt Disney World was spent in a fairytale.  Literally, as a Princess.  Her characters that she portrayed include, Cinderella, Aurora and Mary Poppins. Kady has always added that special touch to everything she does.  Her interest in pop culture and the latest flower trends keep us up to date and on point with the latest wedding styles.

Our Floral Designer, Dayna Steneck has been creating floral works of art for over 20 years.  She has had the pleasure of working on countless weddings.  Some highlights in Dayna's career have included, working on the set of "My Best Friend's Wedding" movie filmed at the Cuneo Museum, Harpo Studios Christmas Party, Flower Bouquets and Dinner Reception for Princess Diana's visit to Chicago. More recently, Dayna has had the pleasure of working and freelancing with some of the most talented desingers.  Always getting inspired and gaining new and fresh ideas.  Her love of flowers was inspired by her Mom.  


Our Wedding Consultant, Hannah Horton is a master of organizing events.  She has experience with a wide array of events and weddings.  Her creativity amazes us everyday.  From writing, directing, producing and premiering her very own films, Hannah captures beauty on film and produces beauty onsite during wedding setups.  Her favorite wedding setup was an indoor barn with an elevator. The barn was covered in twinkle lights, roses and candles.

Meet Our Team

Kady Johnsen

Creative Director

I love Purple Flowers. Purple roses, tulips, stock, orchids, hydrangeas. Of course, Pink is nice, too. Pink Dahlias, Pink Amaranthis. Oh, and Peach Ranunculus. There are always Yellow Poppies and let's not forget Blue Delphinium. Well, It's safe to say, I love them all.

Dayna Steneck


It is almost impossible to pick a favorite flower, but if I had to choose just one it would have to be a Calla Lily. Any variety or color of Calla Lily makes me weak in the knees. The large White Calla Lillies hold a special place in my heart because they were in my bridal bouquet.

Hannah Horton

Wedding Consultant

Baby Pink Roses would have to be my alltime favorite. I really love the blush color of the Secret Garden Rose. Also, Pink Eskimo Roses are really beautiful. Any hue of Pink Majelica would do. Just put every pink rose in a flower crown and I am set.

The Process

We absolutely love to create beautiful weddings and have a ball in the process.  Honestly, we like to have fun and always put our best into everything we do.  Our promise to you is that your wedding day flowers and the preparation leading up to your wedding day will be a fabulous experience.

The Bouquet

First we talk bouquet. It is all about the Bride's Bouquet. Your bridal bouquet is the most important element to start. Everything else will fall into place with color, flowers, centerpieces once you have decided on your bouquet.

Onsite Consultation

Whether your wedding is at a Hotel, Country Club,  Banquet Hall, Farm, Garden or Family Home, we offer a free on-site consultation, to be able to get the feel and asthetic of the wedding to create the wedding of your dreams.

The Decor

We want your guests to be wowed and delighted by the flowers that you have chosen.  Not only admiring, but experiencing the beauty of your wedding.  Flowers really can elevate any party when they are handled with care and designed to perfection.

Made with Love

From the first consultation to the final flower placed upon the wedding cake.  We love wedding flowers so much.  We feel that the best way to provide a beautiful end result is to really enjoy the process and it will shine through.  So, Love Is In The Air when we are planning, designing and setting up your wedding.

Add that special touch to your wedding with flowers

Every wedding gets a special touch from our designers


These are some of the venues we have had the pleasure of servicing -

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We absolutely love to create beautiful weddings and have a ball in the process!

Serving Chicago and Suburbs

We are happy to serve all locations in Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs.  From Onsite Consultations, to follow up walk throughs at the venue and all wedding day deliveries, we take care of it all with pleasure.


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